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Do you like the performance of your website? Are you unhappy with the number of visitors you get in a day and high bounce rates? Well, before you give up on it, check what you could be doing wrong. You could be making some big mistakes that are pushing visitors away before learning about your business.

Before we look at the worst mistakes that you must avoid, let us make one point clear. Website developers in Kenya will tell you that design is not just about the outlook of your website. Design covers its functionality as well. How easy is it for visitors to navigate through the web pages and find the information they need?

With this in mind, let us discuss the top mistakes you must correct immediately.

1. The website takes more than 3 seconds to load

Before we can talk about the content or layout of your website, consider the loading time. Web users expect almost instant results when they search for information. If the website does not load in 3 to 4 seconds, they will simply move back to the search results. If you have not thought about it, conduct a speed test right away.

If the speed is slow, check the reason why each page takes time to load. Large files slow down the loading time of the web pages. Ask a developer to review the entire website and minimize the files that are slowing it down. You may need to get rid of some media content.

2. Unclear information about your company’s mission/vision

Once you sort the issue of speed, your visitors can now open the landing page. Right from the logo to the design on the header, a visitor should tell what your business sells or supplies. Be intention with the content, especially on the home page. Visitors develop an opinion about your business in five seconds or less. What does your website say about your company?

3. The website is not mobile-friendly

The majority of internet users search for information on their mobile devices. If you designed the website a while back and optimized it for a website, you need to test the mobile experience. Website developers in Kenya can help redesign the website and make it mobile friendly. You are losing all the visitors that have had a bad mobile experience to your competitors.

4.  Lack of a persuasive and clear call to action

What do you want visitors to do after visiting your website? Call the business? Order for products? Share content on social platforms? Without a clear call to action, visitors will see your services or products and move on. Consequently, your conversion rates will be low. Ensure that the call to action button is visible and functional.

5. Large blocks of text without sub-headings

You may have great content on your website but the reality is that web users do not read through until they are interested. Most of them read the headings to decide if the content is useful or not. Check the content on each page and introduce headings where necessary to improve the reading experience.

6. Multiple links that open in new windows

Internal links help visitors to navigate the pages on your website easily. However, if most of the links open in new windows, visitors get tired of following the new tabs. The experience is worse when a visitor is using a mobile device to access your website. The moment they discover that the “back” button is missing, the visitors will shut everything down. You do not want such an experience for your target clients. Talk to website developers in Kenya if you have such a problem on your website.

7. Placing social media icons at the top

 Social media is a powerful tool for marketing your business. In fact, it is part of the effective SEO and marketing strategies. However, you have to do it right to get good results. Placing social media icons at the top creates an immediate distraction. Visitors will click on the button and may never come back to the website. Place such buttons at the bottom to give visitors room to explore your website.

8. Tiny buttons and links

Ever tried to click on a button but it was too small? It is annoying when a link or button is too small to click with a finger. We cannot emphasize the importance of a mobile friendly website further. Small buttons and links are often optimized for mouse clinks but the reality is that many users will try to click with a finger. Make the buttons and links large enough to click easily on a mobile phone.

9. Invisible contact information

Visitors expect to see the contact information of your business on the homepage. Some visit the website not to read but to find a number to call or the location of your business. Such information must be accurate and visible on your website. Indicate your working hours and provide an alternative way of reaching your business after the working hours. For instance, you can ask the visitors to send an email or a message when your chat button is unavailable.

10. Choosing the wrong font and colors

Did you know that visitors could leave your website within seconds because of a poor choice of color? The colors you choose give your website a personality. How do you want your visitors to feel about your business? Here is another mistake to avoid, a tiny font that makes the text unreadable. The right combination of color and font will encourage visitors to stay on your website and visit other pages.

Our final thoughts

Websites require constant testing and redesign to give users the best experience possible. You may need to change the entire outlook and functionality of your website if you find a number of mistakes outlined above. Getting the right web design starts with the right choice of designers. Do not settle for low conversion rates and high bounce rates. Let top website developers in Kenya help you improve the experience of your target clients.

Post Author: Keziah Murage

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