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The Tingg app was officially launched in Kenya earlier in October (2019) with new features and capabilities.

The app was formerly known as Mula but was rebranded with new capabilities. The providers, Cellulant, have a dream that cuts across the African continent.

Africans have embraced mobile payments since the introduction of mobile money. In Kenya, Mpesa and Airtel Money lead in mobile money transactions.

However, most of the transactions are limited to business activities within the country. The same applies to most mobile networks in African countries.

Cellulant’s dream was to provide a financial platform that would enable users to make payments across borders.

The difference between Tingg and other digital solutions is that it bridges the gap across continents while offering customised services.

For instance, when using the app in Kenya, you will pay for your bills using your registered mobile money account.

Nigerian app users continue to enjoy the services under Mula app and the new functions under the Tingg platform.

The Company’s owners target the 62% of Africans without bank accounts. While it has become easier than before to open a bank account, more than half of the population is still unbanked.

Why, you ask? Well, some people cannot meet the transactional costs that banks require. Withdrawing money may not cost much but transferring funds from one account to another is costly.

Others find the payment options that banks offer inconvenient for their regular transactions, especially when paying bills.

Cellulant stepped in to fill this gap and provide a payment platform for this unbanked population. The thousands of downloads and positive reviews are a clear sign that the app meets a need.

App features

Tingg users across eights African countries including Kenya enjoy the following capabilities:

1. Pay bills

The super app enables you to link all your mobile money and debit cards to one account. Think of it as a digital wallet from which you can pay bills.

You can clear simple bills such as gas or food delivery and even pay for travel via the app.

The payment methods available on the app include Mpesa, Airtel Money, TigoPesa, Vodafone, and MTN mobile money.

Other payment options include Visa, Equity Bank, Barclays, Stanchart, Ecobank, GTBank, Stanbic Bank and FBZ.

2. Buy airtime across networks

Tingg is a first of its kind in Africa. You can buy airtime for any network via the app. This is impossible with most telecommunication networks.

When using mobile money, you can only buy airtime for that network. The Tingg app enables you to conveniently top up any line and continue with your conversation.

3. Manage bills

One of the challenges with recurring bills such as pay TV, water, electricity and internet is the risk of disconnection.

Sometimes a service is disconnected not because you had no money to pay but because you forgot about it.

The bills also fall due on different dates. Tingg enables you to manage your bills and set reminders.

You can keep up with your bills with such reminders. In addition, you can assess the amount you spend on bills every month and determine if your consumption matches your income.

4. Manage group payments and investments

Most Kenyans belong to an investment group (chama). If you do not, you are probably looking to join one.

Investment groups help you grow your wealth faster than you would do on your own.

With Tingg, you can manage an existing chama or create one.

Tingg also offers a Changas platform, which are fundraising groups. The feature comes in handy when organizing a function like a wedding or funeral.

Tingg got this feature right given the harambee spirit in Kenya. You can use the app to raise funds for a medical bill or even education.

5. Buy food and gas

Cellulant partnered with major food delivery companies to enable users to easily order for meals.

With Tingg, you can order food delivery from KFC and the brands unders Simbisa Group. The food brands include Creamy Inn, Chicken Inn, and Pizza Inn.

The food delivery service is visible on the app’s user interface.

For the gas delivery service, Cellulant has partnered with GoBeba. The service is available under Tingg Assisted Shopping.

6. Grow your business

A sale is only a sale when you receive cash from your customers. The super app does not only serve customers but business owners as well.

Entrepreneurs can use the app to receive payments from their customers.

With all different debit cards and mobile money services, customers can choose the most convenient mode of payment.

For instance, taxi apps limit payments to mobile money. With Tingg, customers can pay for travel with card as long as the transport company has activated the payment option.

Reviews from users

Tingg has more than a thousand reviews from users on App Store. The highest percentage gave the app a 5-star rating.

Happy users talk about the ability to manage their bills and pay for services easily. The auto reminders are working for most customers who previously missed payments.

Other customers cite the app as helpful in buying airtime on credit. The app also keeps receipts of transactions to help customers manage their finances better.

The shortcuts to buy airtime are helpful to users. Installing the app is equally easy. You simply dial *369# and follow the steps.

Satisfied users have also loved the shopping experience using the app.

Unhappy customers complain about the speed of the app in completing transaction. Sometimes the app hangs when processing a transaction.

Most the complaints come after an update of the app. Some users have also complained about failed transactions.

However, the Cellulant support team is quick to respond to complaints and offer direction concerning failed transactions.

Generally, users are happy with the app from the days of Mula to now Tingg.

Concluding remarks

Cellulant has set a new standard in apps development in Kenya and beyond. The tech company has created a financial platform like no other in Africa. Aspiring developers must think beyond the existing mobile platforms. Luckily, coding schools like Muva Kwetu Hub are raising developers with such high levels of creativity.

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