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If you are engaged in any form of online business with Kenyans, then you know that few of your customers will agree to credit cards payments. A few of them own PayPal accounts. Most clients will either pay in cash or via Mpesa and hence the need to consider Mpesa API Integration in Kenya. If you have an active e-commerce platform, it is not too late to learn about the payment integration process.

You have several solutions to choose from when integrating Mpesa payments. The right choice in most cases comes down to the cost and convenience. You also need to consider the reliability and security of the service. Customers are very cautious about online payments because of the rising cases of fraud. In addition, you do not want to lose your big clients to competitors simply because you could provide an easy payment option online.

We will discuss the three major options that you can pick for your business. Think about the needs of your e-commerce business while reading about each gateway.

1. JamboPay

A quick search on Google for the most popular Mpesa payment gateway will give you JamboPay. The option may be popular but quite pricey. If you are just trying to build an e-commerce platform, you may want to consider cheaper options. If you, on the other hand, have a large business that can meet the cost, the JamboPay gateway is reliable.

Many of the big brands in Kenya in the media industry are using JamboPay to receive online payments. One advantage of Mpesa integration is that you do not have to receive the payments to your mobile line. Most if not all major banks have Paybill numbers where customers can deposit cash directly to your bank account.

2. PesaPal

An alternative payment gateway is Pesapal, which uses shortcodes and forms. You can install any of three PesaPal plugins to on WordPress. The good news is that the plugins are free to add to your website. You can install a PesaPal plugin and start receiving Mpesa payment right away as long as you do it right.

The first plugin is PesaPal Pay, which covers all mobile money services in Kenya including Mpesa. You can receive either donation via Pesapal-donations or payments via pesapal-pay. The advantage of the plugin is that it serves all mobile services in Kenya. The downside of choosing the plugin is that you need basic coding skills to install it. Luckily, you can hire a reliable IT company that specializes in Mpesa API integration in Kenya to complete the process.

The WooCommerce PesaPal standard payment gateway is your alternative plugin if coding proves difficult. The developer does not give much detail about the plugin safe for the description of it as open source software. Your clients can make a purchase via Mpesa, Yu Cash and Airtel Money. You can also receive payments to your Equity or Co-operative bank account.

Another popular PesaPal plugin is PesaPal Gateway for WooCommerce. Many business owners consider it as the easiest to use on their WordPress websites. You will need to install WooCommerce to your website before installing the plugin. WooCommerce is available on your WordPress repository. Once you download the plugin, unzip it and then upload it via FTP.

Go to your WordPress dashboard and activate WooCommerce. You can access PesaPal via the WooCommerce settings. Your customers can start making Mpesa payments as soon as you provide your PesaPal Consumer Secret and API Key. The main advantage of PesaPal plugins is that you can choose the easiest for you to install depending on your level of coding skills. Do not hesitate to ask for help from a developer especially if you accept payments via Mpesa from e-commerce platforms.

3. Safaricom

Safaricom Limited as the provider of the Mpesa payment services also provides an online payment gateway. If you contact the service providers, they can help you install a Lipa na Mpesa gateway on your website. The process of getting details about the API integration from the company sometimes takes long but you will eventually get help.

You now have no reason at all for having a website without an Mpesa payment gateway. Consider your options carefully including the cost, reliability, security, and installation process. You can always hire a developer for Mpesa Integration in Kenya if you unsure where to start. The developer will recommend the right gateway, install it, and train you or your staff on how to run it.

Post Author: Keziah Murage

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