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The Covid- 19 crisis disrupted school programs almost immediately in the affected countries.

The disruptions were sudden and undefined. Until the crisis is over, students have to stay at home and learn online.

Our advice to aspiring software developers is to enrol for online coding lessons and continue learning.

The pandemic has also intensified remote working for many companies. Working from home is the only option in many affecting countries.

What does this mean for coding students? Should you be concerned about the shift to remote working?

You need to follow the trends in remote working for the following reasons.


As the world shifts to flexible jobs, bear in mind that you may not get a job with an office desk. You might need to create a workstation at home. Start now.

The usual progression of graduation from college, job applications, interviews, and then an office job is fading.

App developers may need to join thousands of other remote workers.

Start preparing for this new reality. Be flexible to work as a permanent or remote software developer.

One of the advantages of working remotely is that you can engage different clients simultaneously.

You can have several ongoing projects at the same time depending on your capacity.

Better still, you can start a business and hire remote developers to help with your projects without a physical office.

The shift means that you must think beyond employment.

Software developers have a perfect opportunity to increase their earnings and build businesses at minimal costs.

Explore the opportunities in your area of interest and start now. Enrol in online coding classes where possible.

The truth is that the crisis has disrupted business operations for good. We may never go back to the old systems.

Increased demand for tools

The happiest people during the Covid-19 pandemic are the developers that created remote working tools beforehand.

The developers cannot keep up with the demand for the tools. Have you thought about that?

Well, thinking is not enough. Be involved in creating the change in the workplaces that is necessary in this crisis.

As the current providers struggle to keep up with the demand, start creating alternatives for your market.

Demand always pushes the prices high.  Create tools with an affordable subscription fee before other developers catch on.

Here is another tip. Most developers are likely to focus on the major aspects of remote working.

The market will soon have endless solutions to communication and collaboration among remote workers.

What else do remote workers need? What challenges do they face?

What tools can you create to solve those challenges?

You have enough time to identify the challenges, or better still anticipate the challenges that developers have ignored.

Job Opportunities

We understand that not everyone fits into the business environment. Entrepreneurship comes with unique challenges need experience or mentorship to overcome.

Freelancing is also a challenge for many junior developers. If you are not confident about your ability to handle a project from the start to the end, consider employment.

The global shift to remote working is likely to open up new job opportunities for developers.

Be vigilant for advertised opportunities. Software development companies need workers as demand for business solutions increases.

The employment opportunities may not appear immediately as companies are currently dealing with the impact of the Covid-19 crisis.

However, projections are that remote working will persist even after the crisis is over.

You need to be prepared for the opportunities that will arise then, which brings us to another critical point.

Skills Development

The opportunities we have discussed in the previous sections will only benefit you if you have the necessary skills.

What is your current level of skills in software development? You still have a chance if you have never enrolled for coding lessons.

You have a perfect opportunity to grow your skills as a software developer. Discover your preferred niche and start building your capacity and performance.

Explore online coding lessons or tutorials to increase your skills. You will be amazed to find out the numerous learning resources available.

Some of the learning materials are free.

Consider enrolling in a coding school now while you have time to learn. Some offer online classes even to beginners.

The right school will depend on your current level of training. If you have basic training, take advanced lessons.

Your competitiveness in the job market increases as you improve your skills levels. Do not waste time, learn now when you have all the time in your hands.

Every bit of effort you put in personal development will eventually reflect in your career.

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Crisis management skills

As a student, you may not fully feel the effects of the Covid-19 crisis on business.

Most of the business owners were caught by surprise and have to deal with sudden decreases in revenue.

However, you have lessons to learn as a developer, especially if you intend to start your own business.

Entrepreneurship is the ultimate goal for many software developers because you have no limits to your earnings.

Even as an employed developer, you need to plan for an unexpected crisis. What do you do when you are forced to adjust your working schedule or environment?

The advantage of improving your skills is that you can easily adjust to any environment.

However, you have to think beyond your individual career. As an entrepreneur, you need to think about your employees in times of a crisis.

As you build your career, observe the effects of the crisis on companies. Observe and learn how business owners will recover from the crisis.

You may need the lessons in the future.


Disaster management is part of running a business. Whether you are employed permanently or a freelance developer, a global pandemic or crisis will affect your career. Now is the perfect time to learn how to deal with such changes and identify opportunities to grow your career in a crisis. It is also the perfect time to enrol for coding classes and improve your skills as a software developer.

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