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Many developers shy away from iOS app development when looking for programming courses in Nairobi. Some have the wrong information about the course while others are simply uninformed.

The result has been a large supply of Android app developers in the market, which increases the competition for jobs.

You can set yourself apart and improve your competitiveness by mastering iphone apps development.

Where do you start iOS apps development?

1. Choose a mode of learning

Do you know how to code? Your answer here will guide you in choosing the right learning method.

If you are a newbie with no coding experience at all, you need to learn the basics of programming.

You may not understand any of the terms you will come across if you have never attended a coding class.

Consider registering for iOS programming courses in Nairobi. Learning from tutors and other students in a class setting is faster and easier.

However, if you have basic coding skills, you can refine your skills with online resources.

Some online platforms offer courses for beginners as well. If you are committed to learning, you can learn everything from scratch online.

Prioritise video tutorials that demonstrate how to write codes a step at a time.

2. Register as an iOS developer

Apple requires developers to register before publishing any app on its store. You do not need to wait until you master the development process to register.

Apple offers some free resources and tools for new developers. You will learn SwiftUI, Xcode, Swift, and TestFlight.

TestFlight will only make sense after developing your first iOS app.

If you want to use advanced tools and capabilities, Apple requires that you sign up as a member.

The current charge is $99 per membership year. Even if you learn to create apps with free online resources, you will need this membership to register an app.

Most coding schools require that students pay the fee to access all Apple development resources. Otherwise, it will be impossible to follow any tutorial, whether learning online or in a physical class.

3. Review Apple’s design guidelines

Notice that we are giving you the basic things you can do even without a tutor.

Learning to code is faster for students that go an extra mile to learn new things even before the tutor introduces them in class.

You may not understand all the coding terms but you can read the Apple’s design guidelines and understand.

We know that many developers start with Android app development then consider iphone apps.

You need an open mind when starting with ios apps. Apple has very specific guidelines on the design of its apps, especially the user interface.

If you can meet Apple’s standards, you are on your way to happy clients every time you present an app.

The guidelines may be strict but Apple provides all the resources you need to meet them. The app store is also specific with the design of icons.

As you read the design guidelines, you will begin to realise the similarity in iOS apps that you have come across in the past.

The functions may be different but the design standard is the same.

Again, if you are very new to coding, your tutor will explain all the standards.

Your responsibility is to ensure that you choose the right school for programming courses in Nairobi or your respective city.

4. Review App Store Rules and Guidelines

In addition to reviewing the design guidelines, you need to read the terms and conditions for publishing your app on App Store.

Apple has strict rules that determine the apps that are allowed on its store.

We have seen this mistake often where developers rush to build an iphone app without reading the App Store review guidelines.

You put in the work for several weeks or even months only for the app to be rejected. Some issues require that you start an app from scratch.

Avoid this pitfall. Read the review guidelines before starting the development process.

Apple is big on the safety of its apps. Hence, even before you impress the review team with a high-performance, bug free app, choose the right category for the app.

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5. Register for GitHub

GitHub is the most popular platform among developers for creating and saving app projects.

Once you register as a member, you can start creating your dummy app and invite other developers to collaborate with you.

You can link all your projects here and allow your tutors to review your work.

Other developers can also review your codes and advise you when stuck. You will need this collaboration more when learning online.

Collaboration with senior developers is recommended even after completing your programming course.

As you will later come to learn, debugging can be quite a task when trying to learn everything on your own.

Experienced programmers can easily spot mistakes in your codes and design, especially experts in iphone apps.

Never shy away from asking questions and inviting others to review your apps.

6. Learn the Xcode, iOS SDK, and Swift

Here is the point where you may need to register for programming courses in Nairobi or find a tutor.

Learning the iOS development environment and tools is the toughest part of the journey.

The tools and programs only function on a Mac. Your usual PC will not work with this class.

Ensure that you have at least Mac OS X version 10.8 or a higher version.

Explore online tutorials on how to install and use Xcode and Swift on your new Mac.

Apple gives the basic features that will help you familiarise yourself with the development environment ahead of advanced classes.

Your tutor will expect that you have the framework set on your Mac before you attend the class.

All the software you need is free to download and install from the Apple’s website.

However, as mentioned earlier, some advanced tools and capabilities are only accessible to registered members.

Concluding remarks

Learning how to create iOS or iphone apps comes with extra costs like purchasing a Mac and registering as a developer. Apple has strict design and app review guidelines that every developer must meet. However, learning to code iphone apps gives you a competitive edge among programmers when looking for a job or new clients.

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