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Graduates from coding schools in Nairobi and around the world are always excited to create their first app.

We know that feeling of accomplishment that comes with the idea of launching an app.

Well, there is a process to it.

The long working hours and sleepless nights might amount to nothing if your target app store does not approve the app.

It is safer to consider the following before you start building an app

1. Review the top reasons for rejecting apps

App development is such a long process that you do not want to take any chances of rejected apps.

Learn from other developers. Here are the top reasons why stores reject apps:

– Bugs and crashes

– Poorly designed user interface

– Inappropriate content and language

– Copied or plagiarized content

– Broken links

– Lack of a privacy policy

– Incorrect or unrelated keywords

– Sharing user’s private data

– A private API

– Uploading demo apps

– Slow loading speed

– Copycats

Review your app before uploading for any of the listed issues. Check Google’s PlayStore and Apple’s App Store for guidelines.

Crosscheck your app with the guidelines to determine if it meets the standards and then rectify any issues.

We advise developers to check the guidelines first before working on their app idea.

Avoid shortcuts or poorly written codes when building an app from scratch.

You may pay a higher price at the end of the process if the app is rejected.

2. Stay simple

We get it. The coding schools in Nairobi produce some of the best talents in the world of app development.

When you first start working on your idea, your mind runs wild with features and design ideas.

You want the app to stand out. You want thousands and even millions of downloads.

What should you include and what should you leave out?

Here is the trick. Start with the basic and essential features.

For instance, for an e-commerce app, the ordering process should be clear and simple.

Once the store approves the apps, you can add new features.

However, the new features should only improve user experience. Otherwise, the number of users will decline and that will lead to reduced revenues.

3. Review similar approved apps

Luckily, every approved app is available on app stores. Do not be caught up in the competition or trying to prove your development skills.

Check what other developers have done to pass the assessment process.

If an app store approved an app, chances are that the store will approve one with similar features.

We do not mean that you copy every feature. Instead, check the design, language, and content that the developers have used.

Some of the apps you find on the app stores were developed by a team of experienced software developers.

You can borrow from their years of experience and expertise to improve your chances of a quick approval.

Learning never ends in software development.

Ask for help from other developers, especially those whose apps are performing well in app stores.

Some of the tricks are not taught in a coding class but in the real world of developing and launching apps.


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4. Provide a compelling and detailed description

The description you provide is important to both users and the store’s review team. Pay attention to it.

One of the aspects you must check when reviewing similar apps is the descriptions that developers give.

Learn the language and the aspects to include. The details must be accurate and grammatically correct.

Explain everything the app does and ensure that the features match up that description.

The review team will crosscheck your claims to protect users.

Once the app is approved and launched, enable user reviews and respond to their comments in time.

Beyond giving full details, ensure that the language compels users to download the app.

Show how different your app is from other apps in the same category on the app store.

Otherwise, the review team might assume that your app is a cheap copy of other apps.

The design may be simple and common but the description should set it apart.

5. Test! Test! Test!

We know it is tedious. You have gone through the features repeatedly for months.

However, all the efforts are futile if you ignore bugs or any other hitches while submitting the app for review

You should notice any broken links before the review team. Fix issues and retest to ensure that you did not create new problems while solving others.

If you are not very sure, ask other developers to review the app features. Allow users to try it as well.

A third eye may identify issues that you overlooked.

Such is the process of developing an app. Coding schools in Nairobi teach you how to write quality codes.

However, it is up to you to learn how to apply the knowledge and review your projects until they meet the highest standards.

6. Remain objective

We have to be honest with you. Even after checking and crosschecking all the guidelines that app store provides, you might get complaints.

The review team may test your patience.

You may be required to change one thing after another every time you get a response from the support team.

If you are impatient, you may never get the approval you need.

Instead, stay objective and fix every issue they raise. Ask questions if you need to. Remember that the team handles thousands of other requests every day.

That translates to long hours of work and thousands of messages to read and send.

Kindness and patience are critical virtues during the review process.

Stay focused on getting an approval no matter how long it takes. Avoid unnecessary fights or arguments with the team because they may work to your disadvantage.

Final remarks

App stores have strict guidelines that govern the process of approving apps. The guidelines protect both users and developers. Coding schools in Nairobi give you the skills you need to develop quality apps that met global standards. It is up to you to apply the knowledge and skills gained. Once you get the first app approved, subsequent apps become easier because you understand the rules.

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